As a revenue acceleration strategist, Francine helps companies develop and execute sales, business development, marketing and partnership strategies and initiatives that generate results (sales and incremental revenue growth). Through the combination of unique personal talents and 20 years’ career experience working with global industry leaders, Francine has been at the center of more than $250 million worth of business solutions and strategic alliances worldwide.

Trust is the linchpin in any partnership, no trust no partnership!

In this post, I share the 6 critical success factors I look for in any type of collaboration: 1. The Likeability Factor - Having great chemistry. People do business with people they like and trust. You need to genuinely like and respect your … [Read More...]


Collaboration Style and Success – Does Gender Matter?

People often asked me if I believe that men and women are different when it comes to collaborating… if they have different motivating factors, are seeking different types of rewards and are bringing different skills to a partnership. I believe that … [Read More...]


The Secret Sauce

10 Tips for Making the Forbes List and Gaining Social Influence There is still time to get the issue of Women Online Magazine and read my article "The Secret Sauce - 10 Tips for Making the Forbes List and Gaining Social Influence! Women Online … [Read More...]


Hope is not a Strategy! Joint Planning for Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliance Joint Planning Workshops Outline and Outcomes “People support what they help create!” So getting the right people involved on the onset will increase the chances of success of the alliance! The Joint Planning Workshops … [Read More...]


Strategic Alliance – 9-Step Value Creation Process

All too often businesses form alliances that offer great promise in the beginning yet fail to deliver the results both parties anticipated. Instead, they become mired in “strategic gridlock”: persistent problems that grind progress to a halt. … [Read More...]


Are we right for each other? Alliance Evaluation Questions

In today’s economy, strategic alliances enable businesses to gain competitive advantage through access to a partner's resources, including markets, technologies, capital and people.  While this has been true for decades, the state of the market … [Read More...]

social enterprise 10

The Challenges and Benefits Associated with Becoming a Social Business (Part 2)

Becoming a social business necessitates that companies engage and collaborate with their different stakeholders:  employees, users, customers, partners, suppliers, analysts, influencers…. in ways they haven’t done before. “As the world … [Read More...]


10 Tips for Making the FORBES list and Gaining Social Influence!

What an honor (and surprise) it was to have been chosen by FORBES as one of the Top 20 Most Influential Women for Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter for Business, Marketing and Technology Advice.   I recently made the list of the “Top 50 Women … [Read More...]


Let the World See You! Social Media – Free tools and promotion for career growth!

Like a product or service, you need to develop a powerful personal brand and circle of influence in order to propel your career forward. Social media tools are becoming mandatory for career success. These tools are free advertising and give … [Read More...]


Tweet But Meet.. 8 ways to establish yourself as an expert beyond social media!

There is no doubt that having a compelling and engaging presence on social networking sites of the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest… is a key element of your personal branding strategy. But there are other ways for you to … [Read More...]


Make SOCIAL Your Business! (Part 1)

“If you get hung up on the “media” part of social media, you will miss the mega change of social business. The time has come to recommend putting communities at the center of new enterprise management "to tap into the collective genius of your … [Read More...]


2012 Tech Trends and Predictions: Social, Mobile, Cloud and Beyond

For the past two weeks, I’ve combed through blogs, forums, communities, newspapers and magazines, as well as calling on my own experiences working with companies and entrepreneurs in the areas of: social media, social enterprise, cloud computing … [Read More...]

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